Call Sheets and Shooting Schedules

from Gordon Morris

Here’s the call sheet for Ciarán’s final day on set. Anthony and I had to hang around for hours as they filmed Franklin’s final moments, we both stood watching as it was all being completed as it’s such an interesting process!

The moment Ciarán came out of his trailer and shouted to us… “lads, that’s a wrap!” will live long in my memory.

I’ve also included the shooting name for episode three and a wee mention of a dialogue change for Crozier and Fitzjames. It just shows how much things change during a shoot. You’re never sure if the lines you’ve learned will be the lines you actually speak on the day. It definitely keeps you on your toes.

It’s always quite exciting for an actor when they receive the shooting schedule, I was number 75 ‘John Weekes’. I would always scan the sheet for that number to see when I was needed, the scenes I was going to be in and when they were filming (I always enjoyed heading back to Budapest to shoot). It’s also lovely knowing you’re a small part of such a massive production and that the writers are thinking about your character and where they want him to go next.

Being an actor really is fun and acting on an amazing project like The Terror, surrounded by wonderful people, is something that will live with me for a very long time.