Video Interviews

Here you can find filmed interviews, which the cast, showrunners and producer took part in to promote the show, along with more recent interviews where The Terror is discussed.

These interviews are organised by participant. Individual interviews are listed first, then group interviews below. If any videos are region locked for you, please let me know.

Jared Harris

Jared Harris: I think there was one take — the walk and talk at the beginning of 8, where he reveals what his background was.
And we get to the end of that dialogue. And we’re looking at each other and the director didn’t say cut.
And we were staring at one other and it extended the moment. And Tobias says “What are we supposed to do now?”
And I said “I think we’re supposed to make out.”
[audience laughter]
Jared Harris: But, but, I mean that’s a flip response but it was a sort of love story in a sense, in that one of the things that was key to the survival of these people was, you know, you have to have hope in your own situation, you have to believe in your survival. You’ve got to care about each other.

Tobias Menzies

(Watch from 28 mins for an anecdote about filming with Jared Harris)

Nive Nielsen

Ian Hart

Adam Nagaitis

Alistair Petrie

Ridley Scott

Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies, Adam Nagaitis, Ian Hart and Paul Ready

AMC UK: Live from the Royal Geographical Society with the cast of The Terror. Photo @jemalpolson

Adam Nagaitis, Trystan Gravelle, Joe Hurst, Ian Hart, Tobias Menzies, Jared Harris and Paul Ready

Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies, Adam Nagaitis, Ian Hart, Paul Ready, Trystan Gravelle, Mikey Collins, Ed Ashley and Joe Hurst

The Terror London Premiere Cast Interviews

Jared Harris and Tobias Menzies

Tobias Menzies and Ciarán Hinds

Adam Nagaitis and Nive Nielsen

Jared Harris, Dave Kajganich and Soo Hugh

AMC US Facebook Live: IndieWire’s Steve Greene chats with Jared Harris, David Kajganich and Soo Hugh

Dave Kajganich and Soo Hugh