Music used in The Terror

Currently there is no official soundtrack for The Terror, although several tracks used in the show have been identified and compiled into playlists:

The Terror Main ThemeMarcus FjellströmOpening Titles
Liquid FireMarcus Fjellström
Untitled 090616Marcus Fjellström
LM-118Marcus FjellströmCollins dive/Goodsir autopsy
Birth of Liquid PlejadesTangerine DreamGore finds the cairn
GoetiaLustmordFranklin’s funeral
Gambuh IIngram MarshallLady Jane and Sophia meet with the Admiralty
PlanchetteMarcus FjellströmStanley starts the fire
TenebrousMarcus FjellströmHickey stabs Irving
Brohm RidgeLoscilHodgson’s monologue
Regal ProcessionMarcus FjellströmBlanky discovers the NW Passage
The Eroding (Fairytale Music 3)Marcus FjellströmGoodsir’s death
Polar SirensTom Green, David BickleyCrozier finds the remains of the camp
The Gates of Paradise parts II.1 & II.2 (“Abandonment To Divine Providence” and “Pie Jesu”)Robert FrippCrozier leaves camp/sleeping child