Support Your Fellow Fans

Here you can find ways to support other fans by commissioning them directly, by purchasing their Cold Boys inspired fanworks through their online stores, or just by leaving a little gift in their tip jars to say ‘thank you’.

If you’re creating any kind of Cold Boys content and would like to have your details listed below, please complete the relevant form:

Kami (digital artist)

Susan (digital & traditional artist)

ripeteeth (digital artist)

SoftOctober / Ren (patches & embroidery)

kristorey (digital artist)

brainyraccoons (digital artist)

kingboooo (writer)

Sal / Gull (cross stitch patterns/writer)

Jillian (cosplay/historical knitting)

whalersandsailors (writer)

Pestilence Pours (candles)

Terrebus FC (football au merch)

hangingfire (writer)

clockheartedcrocodile (writer)

Leo (digital artist)

Valerie / arktishval (digital & traditional artist)

wildcard_47 (writer)

so-i-did-this-thing / TheKroog (cards & stickers)

bastaerd (writer)

Meg / Artlark (digital artist)

ktula (writer)