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Do you have any feedback or suggestions for the site? If so, please get in touch via email or twitter. I’d like this hub to be as inclusive and useful as possible.

Email: coldboys1845 [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter: @catski22

You can also follow the Cold Boys Fandom Hub on Tumblr for occasional content updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Cold Boys Fandom Hub?

Exactly what it says on the lead-infused Goldner’s tin: the Cold Boys Fandom Hub is a central resource for fans of The Terror. It is a comprehensive archive which can be utilised by the fandom entire.

Is Dave K involved with the running of this website?

No. Dave is kindly contributing some material but has no involvement with the day-to-day running of the site.

Why is Dave K’s content password protected?

Dave is providing material for this website with the understanding that it will not be reposted or shared publicly. The content is password protected in order to respect his wishes.

Can I have the password?

Yes. Please fill in this form and I will send you the password via email. There are no restrictions.

Can I discuss Dave K’s content on social media?

Yes. The content itself must not be reposted or shared elsewhere, but you are welcome to talk about everything on social media.

Can you add my event to the Fandom Calendar?

Yes. All fandom events and challenges are welcome. Please fill in this form and I’ll add it to the calendar.

Disclaimer: This website is fan-made and is not affiliated with AMC.