From the Writers’ Room

Behind the scenes tweets from @TheTerrorAMC, including many from writers’ assistant Alex Eldridge.

Question: I want to know how y’all researched and decided how to portray the effects of scurvy and lead poisoning. LOVE the show!
Answer: That was a tough job! I made reference documents for each ailment, with photographs showing the worsening symptoms at each stage. Disgusting. Also I have a massive grid of all characters and their illness progressions! -Alex [12:03 AM · May 15, 2018]

Question: [From a now deleted tweet, asking about Fitzjames’ “Caesar crossing the Rubicon” line and the casting of Tobias and Ciaran, who previously played Caesar and Brutus opposite each other in Rome]
Answer: That line was in the script prior to the casting of any roles! It was a happy coincidence that those two fine fellows ended up playing them. -Alex [12:12 AM · May 15, 2018]

Question: 1) After reading the book I’m curious why you decided that Fitzjames will not speak with a lisp ? 2) Was the platypus pond scene never included in the script or did it fall victim to some editing and we’ll be able to see it with the deleted scenes ? Thanks. Love the show, btw!
Answer: 1) In the novel I don’t think it’s meant as a lisp in the conventional sense. It’s more of a type of affectation that comes with upper-class British accents of the era. Personally I didn’t yearn for a soft ‘s’ on all FJ’s lines! -Alex #TheTerror [1:41 AM · May 15, 2018]
2) Platypus pond never made it outside the novel. It felt like the essential Crozier/Sofia dynamics could be conveyed without it, while spending more time on the visceral and psychological elements of the expedition itself. -Alex #TheTerror [1:43 AM · May 15, 2018]

Question: OK, totally frivolous question: what resources did the costume designer use to design the Royal Navy Discovery Service uniforms. I would love to make one of those officer’s greatcoats for myself.
Answer: This wasn’t within the purview of my duties, but from a research standpoint it’s amazing what you’ll learn simply by reaching out to places like @RMGreenwich or @HMSTerror_model and asking what it was really like! I’ll see if I can find out more for you. -Alex #TheTerror [3:01 AM · May 15, 2018]