News: Dave Kajganich’s band releases debut album

The Terror showrunner Dave Kajganich has a new alternative rock band, Fox Apts., and they’re releasing their debut album “Omen” on 7th April 2023.

The California-based band comprises lead singer Dave Kajganich, guitarist and bassist Jerry Popiel, and drummer Tom Stickley.

…the band infuses their ambitious, wildly adventurous (and perfectly titled) debut album Omen with tunes driven by both easy strumming jangling acoustic grace and bustling, hard edged electric fire (often on the same piece), with fascinating though sometimes intentionally inscrutable lyrics about topics that serve to incisively illuminate the dark, haunting and sometimes murderous underbelly of life in America.

Jonathan Widran, The JW Vibe

Read more about the band and their new album here.

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Music video for Founders’ Blues, directed by Dave Kajganich:

Deleted scene from BONES AND ALL featuring Founders’ Blues: